Custom Logo Design

If you are starting a business then you are going to need a custom logo design to brand your company!

Branding is incredibly important for new business owners because having a custom logo will make you stand out from the crowd.   Your logo should speak for you when you are not there to speak for yourself and it should let your prospective customers know that you are not just another “here today gone tomorrow” business.  Let me help you tell your customers that you have taken the time to plant some roots and that you plan to grow!

I believe that your logo should be as unique as you are however I also follow the “less = more” philosophy.    If you look at the big corporations in this country you will notice that they have very simple logo designs and are very memorable because of this.

Your logo can help you leave a lasting impression on your customers and with the millions of small businesses cropping up daily, it is important to present a solid identity that your customers will not only remember but relate to.

I can also give your existing company a facelift if you feel your old logo has become dated.  Back in the ’80s and ’90s logos were full of gradients and shadows, however, today’s logos are more sleek and simple.  I can help you stay current with the times but still retain your original concept.

Want a Great Logo?

What you can expect from me:

I offer personal consultation from start to finish. I work one on one with you from inspiration, to final design, and beyond. I am always available to answer any questions you might have even after the finals are paid for and delivered. My customers are very important to me and I go that extra mile to make sure that they know it.

You will receive a logo package once you have approved your custom logo design.   All of my logos are vector-based which means that they can be reduced to fit on a business card or blown up to fit on a billboard without loss of quality.

Files you will receive:

A large, medium and small websafe graphic file (either GIF, JPEG, or PNG format)  These files will be compressed to ensure fast load times and visual quality.  They can be used as email signatures, website branding, social media, and more!

You will also receive a PRINT PACKAGE that will include 5 different print quality file types. (BMP, PDF, PSD, TIFF & EPS)   These are the files that you will need to send to your printer when you need print material.